Agency Change Toolkit

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  1. Where to find high-quality training resources for core competency courses:
    1. College of Employment Services is a suite of courses to build the confidence and competence of employment professionals.
    2. VCU-RRTC offers courses on topics such as supported employment and self- employment.
    3. Training Resource Network offers a variety of courses on topics such as career development and job coaching.
    4. Griffin-Hammis Associates offers ACRE-approved courses as well as a 12-week ACRE certificate training program in community employment.
  2. Professional Development Plan is a template to help employees plan their personal and career growth. It can be customized to an organization’s needs.
  3. Career Development Plan Worksheet is a template to help identify employees’ needs and create associated action plan for reaching professional goals.
  4. APSE Competencies are based on the work of APSE’s various workgroups on certification, quality indicators, and competencies.
  5. 2013 ACRE Competencies: Employment Services is an overview of the ACRE standards.