Agency Change Toolkit

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ELEMENT EIGHT - get started

Determine what’s most important to measure, and start as soon as you can.

You can collect data to track both processes and outcomes, from simple measures (number of people employed) to more complex ones (amount of time each individual spends doing various activities in the community). Starting the data collection process as soon as possible will allow you to make the best strategic decisions during the transformation process.

Measure both the quality of your employment supports, and people’s satisfaction with those supports.

This will mean complementing the hard numbers with subjective information on job seekers’ experiences. You can also track individualized achievement of personal goals.

Explore a range of formal data collection tools, and if they don’t meet your needs, create your own.

Each provider needs to determine their data needs and what tools will work for their organization. So you’ll need to choose and develop specific tools to track what’s important to your mission.

Don’t just collect data, use it!

You can use data to make informed decisions about service gaps or inefficiencies, and to objectively evaluate your supports. You can also use it for planning, for fundraising, to measure progress towards achieving your vision, for future goal setting, and to motivate your staff.

Don’t just collect data, share it!

You’ll get the most “bang for your buck” when you share data with a range of audiences, including board members, direct support professionals, and individuals and families. This can help your agency to promote engagement and buy-in to the transformation process, and to celebrate successes.

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